Thomas O. Beebee

  • Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Comparative Literature and German

Bettina Brandt

  • Teaching Professor of German

Sabine Doran

  • Associate Professor of German and Jewish Studies
  • 20th- and 21st-century Literature and Film; Visual Studies; Holocaust Studies

Samuel Frederick

  • Associate Professor of German
  • 19th- and 20th-century German literature; narrative theory; film history and theory

Julia Goetze

  • German Language Coordinator
  • Assistant Teaching Professor

Jens Guettel

  • Associate Professor of History and German
  • modern European history; German expansionism; labor history

Sarah M. Henneböhl

  • Assistant Teaching Professor of German

Carrie Jackson

  • Professor of German and Linguistics
  • second language acquisition; linguistics; psycholinguistics

Kobi Kabalek

  • Assistant Professor of Holocaust Studies and Visual Studies
  • Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literature and Jewish Studies

Yuliya V. Ladygina

  • Assistant Professor of Russian and Global Studies

Irina Mikaelian

  • Teaching Professor of Russian

Sharon Munger-Wailes

  • Associate Teaching Professor of German

Michael M. Naydan

  • Woskob Family Professor of Ukrainian Studies
  • Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • literary translation; Ukrainian and Russian poetry; contemporary Ukrainian literature; Slavic women writers

B. Richard Page

  • Associate Professor of German and Linguistics
  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, College of the Liberal Arts
  • Germanic linguistics; historical phonology; Pennsylvania German

Michael Putnam

  • Associate Professor of German and Linguistics
  • Syntax; morphology; syntax-semantics interface; bilingualism; heritage varieties of German(ic); language attrition; evolution of language

Katharina S. Schuhmann

  • Assistant Professor of German & Linguistics
  • Second language acquisition and L2 teaching, learning and pedagogy; linguistic theory; phonetics, phonology, morphology; psycholinguistics.

Adrian Wanner

  • Liberal Arts Research Professor of Slavic and Comparative Literature
  • Russian literature; translation; migration and diaspora literature
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Yelena Zotova

  • Assistant Teaching Professor of Russian