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Graduate Resources

Graduate Resources

Our graduate stipends are very competitive. Our graduate students work as teaching assistants in a supervised teacher-training program. In return for teaching three courses per year, they receive free tuition, health benefits, and a stipend. In addition to the stipend, our graduate students are eligible for the Thompson scholarship. Other competitive fellowships and scholarships are also available. Additional information on student aid for graduate students is available in the Graduate Bulletin, the Fellowships and Awards Office, and the graduate section of the PSU Office of Student Aid.


Students must meet the following eligibility requirements.

Undergraduate students:

  • Be enrolled full-time with a major in Russian or German, and at least junior standing
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in your Russian or German major
  • Demonstrate financial need according to federal guidelines

Graduate students:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time graduate student in Russian or German
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3
  • Demonstrate financial need according to federal guidelines.


In order to apply, submit the following to the current Department Head, Penn State University, the following:

  1. a copy of Financial Need Statement (undergraduate students only)
  2. completed application form

The application deadline is January 2nd.


These scholarships are not automatically renewable. You must reapply to be considered for future funding. If you have questions about these procedures, contact the current department head.

International students must be admitted to our graduate program and have officially accepted their offer before beginning the visa application process. For more information about the visa application process, please contact the International Students and Scholars Advising Office (ISSA). For more information on the steps to apply for a visa, click here.

For all international students pursuing a graduate degree in German, the offer letter and all financial commitments outlined in that offer letter (tuition, stipend, etc.) will be sufficient to meet any financial guarantee requirements for the visa application process.

The German Graduate Student Association (GGSA) was established in Spring 2019 as a registered student organization operating on the University Park campus of Penn State University. The GGSA organization brings together German graduate students from many different disciplinary backgrounds, given the German department’s focuses on Literature & Culture, Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, Visual Studies, and more. The organization seeks to provide members with sources of information and guidance on professional development, inform members on career options within the German Studies and related fields, provide members with the opportunity to interact with professionals, alumni, and other students in related fields or with similar interests, and foster a collaborative, supportive environment – and a love of all things deutsch.  For more information, please contact GGSA President Emmeline Wilson ( or visit the GGSA website.

The Graduate Student Handbook is the main source of information for graduate degree requirements.