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Department ofGermanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures



Penn State’s Program in Slavic and East European Languages and Literatures offers a full range of courses in Russian language and culture along with regular instruction in Polish and Ukrainian. We offer courses in both traditional classroom settings and online.

Why Study Russian?

As the fifth most widely spoken language in the world and one of the six official languages of the United Nations, Russian is a powerful language in a changing world. Fluency in Russian opens the door to a variety of careers. Policymakers, businessmen, journalists, scientists, scholars, language specialists, and artists all benefit from a mastery of this global language.

Russian City Skyline

Why Study Russian at Penn State?

Whether you decide to study Russia because of its rich history, current sociopolitical configuration, or growing role in business and the energy sector, you can expect an engaging curriculum here at Penn State. In addition to a full range of language courses conducted entirely in Russian, the program offers courses in English translation devoted to Russia’s literary giants and the country’s vibrant cultural history.

Our Russian program also sponsors a variety of extracurricular activities. For example, Russian speakers on campus gather weekly over tea, pastries, and sweets at the Russian Tea and participate annually in the Fall Poetry Reading Session, presenting on Russia’s most prominent poets and reciting their verses entirely in Russian. We encourage all students studying Russian to participate in one of the many immersion programs available both in the United States and in Russia, including the CIEE study abroad programs in Moscow and St. Petersburg.