Department ofGermanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Yuliya V. Ladygina

Yuliya V. Ladygina

Assistant Professor of Slavic and Global and International Studies

242 Burrowes Building


Ph.D., University of California, San Diego || Comparative Literature, 2013
M.A., T.H. Shevchenko National University in Kyiv, Ukraine || German Philology, 2001
B.A., T.H. Shevchenko National University in Kyiv, Ukraine || German Philology, 2000
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Yuliya V. Ladygina’s research in Eastern European literatures and cultures focuses on questions of cultural memory and cultural exchange. She is the author of Bridging East and West: Ol’ha Kobylians’ka, Ukraine’s Pioneering Modernist (University of Toronto Press, 2019), and she is currently working on her second book project, The Reel Story of Russia’s War against Ukraine, which examines the post-2014 cycle of Ukrainian war films and their perspective on the hybrid nature of modern war and its mediatization. Her articles on related subjects have appeared or are about to come out in several refereed journals: East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies, Harvard Ukrainian Studies, East European Jewish Affairs, Studies in World Cinema, KinoKultura, Journal in Cinema and Media Studies, and Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. Before joining Penn State, Ladygina was a Research Fellow at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, a Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian at Williams College, and a Teaching Assistant Professor of Russian and Humanities at The University of the South (Sewanee), where she taught courses on Russian and comparative literature, film, rhetorical writing, Russian language, and the 19th- and 20th-century European and Russian intellectual history. At Sewanee, she also served as a director of the Sewanee Summer in Russia Program.

Recent Publications:


  • “Ukraine,” special issue on Ukrainian cinema, co-edited with Vincent Bohlinger, KinoKultura, no. 23, forthcoming in 2024
  • “Focus on Ukraine: Documentary Cinema,” co-edited with Vincent Bohlinger, special forum in KinoKultura, no. 81 (2023)


Book Cover

  • The Reel Story of Russia’s War against Ukraine, work in progress
  • Bridging East and West: Ol’ha Kobylians’ka, Ukraine’s Pioneering Modernist, Toronto University Press, 2019


  • “Focus on Ukraine,” co-edited with Olga Blackledge, Vincent Bohlinger, and Josh First, special forum in KinoKultura, no. 77 (2022)


  • “Screening the Donbas: Female Perspective,” work in progress
  • “Hauntology, Macabre, Ruins, and a Promise of a Brighter Future in Valentyn Vasianovych’s Atlantis (2019),” under review with Harvard Ukrainian Studies
  • Cyborgs vs. Vatniks: Hybridity, Weaponized Information, and Mediatized Reality in Recent Ukrainian War Films,” East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies, vol. 9, no.1 (2022) ; also forthcoming in 2024 with Studies in World Cinema: A Critical Journal, vol. 4, no. 2 (reprint)
  • “The Past and Its Presence: A Study of Multidirectional Memory in Akhtem Seitablaiev’s 87 Children,” East European Jewish Affairs, vol. 51, no. 2-3 (2021)
  • “The Early German Text of Ol’ha Kobylians’ka’s First Novel, The Princess: Transcription, Translation, Analysis,” Harvard Ukrainian Studies, volume 36, issues 1-2, 2019
  • “Beyond the Trenches: Ol’ha Kobylians’ka’s Writings of the First World War,” East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies, volume 3, 2015
  • “Vasylka” by Ol’ha Kobylians’ka (translated from the Ukrainian), Ukrainian Literature: A Journal of Translations, volume 4, 2014
  • “Nikita Mikhalkov’s Cinematic Verdict on Contemporary Russia,” Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, issue 11.4, 2011


  • “Interview with Sergei Loznitsa: Conversations on Cinema and War” (interviewed in and translated from Russian), KinoKultura, no. 77 (2022)

  • “Interview with Lesia Kalynska: Conversations on Documenting War,” KinoKultura, no. 81 (2023)
  • “Interview with Daria Leygonie-Fialko: Conversations on Cinema Production and War,” KinoKultura, no. 81 (2023)


  • “Klondike: A Review,” Slavic Review, vol. 82, no. 1 (2023)