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Prospective Students

What is Russian?

Russian Studies is an interdisciplinary sub-field of the Humanities and Slavic Studies that pertains to linguistics, literature, arts, history, politics, and more, with a primary focus on the language, literature, and culture of historical and contemporary Russia, including the Soviet period and the Russian-speaking diaspora.

Why Russian?

You might like this program if:

  • you understand the critical role that Russia plays in the world;
  • you are considering an academic or professional career requiring strong training in a foreign language;
  • your first major is History, Comparative Literature, International Politics, Journalism, Linguistics, or other fields in which a knowledge of Russian is advantageous;
  • you want to discover the rich world of Russian literature, arts, and cinema; and/or
  • you know that mastering Russian is important in your field (ex. aerospace engineering, the computer sciences, and other sciences).

Potential Careers

The US Department of State designates Russian as one of the critical languages and the Department of Defense lists it as a strategic language. It is one of the five official languages of the UN. It also remains the unofficial lingua franca of the former Soviet republics and an indispensable communications tool across all of the Caucasus and Central Asia. A degree in Russian opens the door to a variety of careers in the following industries and fields.

  • US Government and military
  • International business
  • International relations
  • International law
  • Human rights
  • Information technology
  • Professional translation
  • Publishing
  • Education
  • Travel industry

Opportunities for Graduate Studies

Students have the opportunity to go on to pursue graduate studies in the field of Slavic Languages and Literatures and other related fields.