Michael Putnam
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Michael Putnam

Michael Putnam

Associate Professor of German and Linguistics

Germanic linguistics; linguistic theory; bilingualism; ethnomusicology

239 Burrowes Building


  1. Ph.D. University of Kansas, 2006


Dr. Putnam has primary research interests in the structure (syntax & morphology) and meaning (semantics & pragmatics) of natural language and the intersection of these two domains. His research incorporates empirical, functional, and theoretical methods with the goal of gaining a better understanding of the linguistic structure of natural languages (i.e. grammar). Empirically, Dr. Putnam's research focuses primarily on Germanic languages past and present, with a special interest in global varieties of German. Exploring the grammars of these transitional bilinguals and the theoretical consequences associated with them is one of Dr. Putnam's core current research foci. He and Dr. Richard Page are series editors of the book series Studies in Germanic Linguistics, published through The Ohio State University Press. Dr. Putnam teaches various courses in German and Linguistics at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and also serves as the lower-division coordinator for the undergraduate German program.