Janice McGregor

Janice McGregor

PhD, German Applied Linguistics, 2012

Assistant Professor of German, Department of German Studies, University of Arizona


Janice completed her PhD in German Applied Linguistics at Penn State in 2012. From 2012-2018, Janice worked as an assistant professor of German at Kansas State University, serving as German language program coordinator and teaching in the MA in Second Language Acquisition. Starting Fall 2018, Janice joins the Department of German Studies at the University of Arizona as an assistant professor of German, where she'll teach undergraduate and MA courses in German as well as graduate courses in the Joint PhD in Transcultural Studies and the interdisciplinary PhD program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT).

In her research, Janice examines language and intercultural learning by taking an interactionally grounded approach to the examination of how learners, teachers, and researchers deploy their multilingual resources in interaction with others, especially in contexts of study abroad. She is also interested in how they collaboratively negotiate their identities and beliefs about language learning/teaching in interaction.