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Hannah A. Matangos

Ph.D. candidate in German Literature and Culture, Visual Studies

253 Burrowes, Cubicle #2


  1. Bachelor of Arts, Major in Art History, Major in Global Affairs (Global Inequalities & Responses concentration), Minor in Religious Studies. Magna cum laude. George Mason University, 2017.


Hannah A. Matangos is a dual-title Ph.D. candidate in German Literature & Culture and Visual Studies.  Her research interests fall at the intersection of art and technology in the German context and beyond. She especially focuses on the ways in which visual technologies, such as those of photography, cinema, and even video games, have changed the ways in which one perceives and interacts with the world.  During the academic year, Hannah teaches undergraduate courses in German and literature.  She is currently assisting the exhibition team of Field Language: The Painting and Poetry of Warren and Jane Rohrer at the Palmer Museum of Art.