Hyoun-A Joo

Hyoun-A Joo

PhD, German and Linguistics, 2018

Assistant Professor of German, Furman University


Hyoun-A Joo is Assistant Professor in the Department of MLL, teaching German and Linguistics at Furman University. She completed her Magister Artium degree in German literature and a teaching certification for German as a foreign language at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. Dr. Joo taught German in Seoul, South Korea, and Berlin before coming to the U.S. for her doctorate degree. She earned her Ph.D. at the Pennsylvania State University in German Applied Linguistics and Language Science. She then taught German and Linguistics at Georgia Tech in Atlanta and joined Furman University in 2019.

For her dissertation, she interviewed first generation Korean immigrants in Germany to learn more about how they came to (former West) Germany and how they acquired German. The particular linguistic phenomenon she investigated was the acquisition of the asymmetric verb placement in German. Dr. Joo is interested in further exploring the intersection between language acquisition, migration, and identity.