Ernst I. Schürer


  1. Ph.D. Yale University, 1965
  2. M.A. Yale University, 1962
  3. B.A. University of Texas, 1960


Ernst I. Schürer has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on modern German literature and culture, with emphasis on expressionism, literature in exile, drama and theater, German business, and Pennsylvania German culture. While his research interests are centered on German literature form naturalism to the present, especially in the field of expressionism and drama, he also likes to investigate the riddle of B. Traven, follow the tracks of German immigrants to Pennsylvania, discuss Emil Nolde's art as well as Carl Sternheims fascination with photography. At the present time Professor Schürer is working on articles on B. Travens novels and expressionist drama and a monograph provisionally entitled "The Economy as a Motif in Modern German Drama". His latest publications include Else Lasker-Schüler: Ansichten und Perspektiven - Views and Reviews (Tübingen, 1999), German Expressionist Plays (New York, 1997), The Berlin Wall. Representations and Perspectives (New York, 1996), and Franz Jung. Leben und Werk eines Rebellen (New York, 1994).