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Prospective Students

What is German Studies?

German Studies is an interdisciplinary academic sub-field of the Humanities concerned with the languages, literatures, arts, and politics of German-speaking communities in Europe and across the world (e.g., Pennsylvania Germans). In pursuing each of these areas German Studies intersects with the related fields of linguistics, literary studies, visual studies, and history.

Why Study German?

You might like this program if:

  • you are passionate about the language, literature, and arts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other German-speaking regions;
  • you understand the critical role Germany plays in the EU and the world today;
  • your other major is in one of the numerous other fields in which knowledge of the German language and culture is advantageous, such as Comparative Literature, Philosophy, History, or Political Science; and/or
  • you are considering an academic or professional career requiring knowledge of a foreign language and critical thinking skills.

Potential Careers

German is one of the three official working languages of the European Union, and it is the most widely spoken native language in Europe. A degree in German opens up doors to a variety of careers in:

  • US government and military
  • International business
  • International relations
  • International law
  • Human rights
  • Information technology
  • Professional translation
  • Publishing
  • Education
  • The travel industry

Opportunities for Graduate Studies

A number of our graduates have been awarded Fulbright and DAAD grants, and some have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in German Studies or related fields, including Comparative Literature and Linguistics.