Department ofGermanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Recent Placements

Recent Placements

Current placements of Recent Ph.Ds.

  • Maike Rocker(Ph.D. 2022) Lecturer (multi-year), The Ohio State University.
  • Katherine Kerschen (Ph.D. 2022) Lecturer (multi-year), Washington University in St. Louis.
  • James Kopf (Ph.D. 2021) Adjunct Assistant Professor, Franklin and Marshall College.
  • Mallory Bubar (Ph.D. 2020) Associate Director of Holocaust Education at the Jewish Heritage Museum.
  • Nora Vosburg (Ph.D. 2020), Adjunct Assistant Professor of German, St. Olaf College.
  • Bianca Gavin (Ph.D. 2019), Lecturer and German Program Coordinator, SUNY- New Paltz.
  • Hyoun-A Joo (Ph.D. 2018), Assistant Professor of German, Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Ines Martin (Ph.D. 2018), Assistant Professor of German, United States Naval Academy.
  • Lauren Brooks (Ph.D. 2018), Teaching Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University.
  • Katherine Anderson (Ph.D. 2017), Visiting Assistant Professor of German, College of the Holy Cross.
  • Courtney Johnson-Fowler (Ph.D. 2017) Senior Assistant Director, Center for Global Programs, Denison University.
  • Jacob VanderKolk (Ph.D. 2017)  SVisiting Assistant Professor of German, Wabash College.
  • Patricia Schempp (Ph.D. 2017), Academic Advisor, Penn State University.
  • Adam Toth (Ph.D. 2017), Visiting Assistant Professor of German, University of Alabama at Birmingham .
  • Christine Garder (Ph.D. 2016), fulltime mother, Michigan.
  • Nicole McInteer (Ph.D. 2016), Associate Dean for Admissions, Wake Forest University.
  • Liese Sippel (Ph.D. 2016), Language Lecturer (multi-year), Yale University.
  • Juliane Schicker (Ph.D. 2015), Assistant Professor of German, Carleton College.
  • Donald Vosburg (Ph.D., 2015), Director of Language Lab, Carleton College.
  • Nicholas Henry (Ph.D. 2015), Assistant Professor of German, Texas University.