N. Hülya Yilmaz
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N. Hülya Yilmaz

N. Hülya Yilmaz

Senior Lecturer in German and instructor in Comparative Literature Studies

contemporary German literature; minority German writers; feminist theory and practice in the context of Islam

230 Burrowes Building


  1. Ph.D. The University of Michigan


Dr. Yilmaz earned her Ph.D. at The University of Michigan in German literature with her comparative dissertation on the influence of Sufism upon 19th and 20th century German poetry. She authored a book on the same subject, Das Ghasel des islamischen Orients in der deutschen Dichtung. She specializes in contemporary German literature with a primary focus on Germany's minority authors and the implementation of feminist theory in modern day Germany within the Islamic context. Her current research interests include migrant literature of Germany; Islam in Germany and in the U.S.; transnational and diasporic literatures; and gender and identity issues within Islam. Her teaching background and interests encompass German language, literature and culture; Germany's ghazal writers and Turkish authors; female representation in German mainstream and migrant writings; and literary reflections of Islamic feminist practices in contemporary Turkish-German and Turkish literatures. In Spring 2012 her book chapter on Orhan Pamuk, recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature, will appear in Global Perspectives on Orhan Pamuk: Existentialism and Politics (Literatures and Cultures of the Islamic World) (M. M. Afridi and D. M. Buvze, Eds.; Palgrave McMillan). She also has a poem “twinning with Munch: silent scream” forthcoming in the Spring 2012 issue of Pastiche from the OLLI Penn State Writers Group.