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Current placements of recent Ph.Ds.

Katherine Anderson (Ph.D. 2017), Visiting Assistant Professor, College of the Holy Cross

Adam Toth (Ph.D. 2017), Visiting Assistant Professor, Ball State University

Nicole McInteer (Ph.D. 2016), Associate Dean for Admissions, Wake Forest University

Liese Sippel (Ph.D. 2016), Language Lecturer (multi-year), New York University

Juliane Schicker (Ph.D. 2015), Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Carleton College.

Donald Vosburg (Ph.D., 2015), Lecturer (multi-year), Penn State University.

Marie Qvarnstrom, (Ph.D., 2015), Lecturer, Penn State University.

Nicholas Henry (Ph.D. 2105), Lecturer (multi-year), Baylor University.

Kristi McAuliffe (Ph.D. 2014), Instructor, Arizona State University.

Alison Eisel Hendricks (Ph.D., 2014), Assistant Professor, tenure-track, University of Buffalo.

Katja Stuckatz (Ph.D., 2014), Executive Assistant to the President, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany.

Ashley Roccamo (Ph.D., 2014), Associate Director of Articulation and Assessment, University of Southern California.

Janice McGregor (Ph.D. 2012), Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Kansas State University.

Yasemin Mohammed (Ph.D. 2012), Assistant Professor, tenure-track, University of Iowa.

Vladislav Rozanov (Ph.D. 2011), Instructor, Kolenda Language Institute, Kiel.

Beate Brunow (Ph.D. 2011), Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Wofford College, South Carolina.

Joshua Brown (Ph.D. 2011), Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Jameson Bell (Ph.D. 2011), Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Boğaziçi University, Turkey.

Rebecca Zajdowicz (Ph.D. 2010), Adminstrator, United States Federal Government.

Tejashri Chindhade (Ph.D. 2010), Instructor, Ranade Institute, Pune, India.

Noelle Andrie (Ph.D. 2010), Instructor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Imke Brust (Ph.D. 2009), Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Haverford College, Pennsylvania.