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Recent Dissertations

  • Kristi McAuliffe (2014): ""Exploring 'Otherness' through Holocaust Literature in the Undergraduate German Curriculum"
  • Alison Eisel Hendricks (2014): "Inconsistent Input and Amount of Exposure: Child Language Acquisition of Fering, A Dialect of North Frisian"
  • Katja Stuckatz (2014): “‘Ein Beitrag zur Modernen Weltdichtung’: Ernst Jandl und die internationale Avant-Garde”
  • Ashley Roccamo (2014): “Comparing the Success of Pronunciation Instruction in Elementary and Intermediate German Language Classrooms”
  • Janice McGregor (2012): "On Community Participation and Identity Negotiation in a Study Abroad Context: A Multiple Case Study"
  • Yasemin Mohammad (2012): "Dissident Stories of Travel and Displacement: Middle Eastern Heritage German Writers' Interventions into the Nationalist Imagination"
  • Vladislav Rozanov (2011): “The real and the imaginary in the literary works of E.T.A. Hoffmann, Joseph Eichendorff, and Vladimir Odoevsky”
  • Joshua Brown (2011): “Ethnoreligious identity and language shift among Amish-Mennonites in Kishacoquillas Valley, Pennsylvania”
  • Beate Brunow (2011): “Dramatic Inquiries: encountering Discourses on Women Artists' Creative Conflicts”
  • Jameson Kismet-Bell (2011): “From Allegory to Emblem: uncovering the Brain in Lorenz Fries' Spiegel der Artzney and Hans Von Gersdorff's Feldtbuch der Wundarzney”
  • Tejashri Chindhade (2010): “Presenting and comparing early Marathi and German women's feminist writings (1866-1933): some findings”
  • Noelle Isenberg (2010): “A comparative study of developmental outcomes in web-based and classroom-based German language education at the post-secondary level: vocabulary, grammar, language processing, and oral proficiency development”
  • Michael Wallo (2010): “Intoxication, rejuvenation, community: literary expressionists and radical Weimar conservatives in early twentieth-century Germany”
  • Rebecca Zajdowicz (2010): “Engaging with the nation: German women writers of the Vormärz and constructions of national identity”
  • Imke Brust (2009): “Narrating the Imagination of Unified Nations in Post-Apartheid South Africa and Post-Wall Germany”
  • Nathan Shrefler (2008): “Readability and German Bibles”
  • Dirk Lehmann (2007): “German in Every Particular? From Historic Settlement to Theme Towns: Example of “Little Germanies” in America”
  • Nina Vyatkina (2007): “Development of Second Language Pragmatic Competence: The Data-Driven Teaching of German Modal Particles Based on a Learner Corpus”
  • Paul Nissler (2006): “Overlapping Aesthetic Perspectives as international, Revolutionary Space in Presentations from the German Revolution to the Spanish Civil War”
  • Ying Tang (2006): “Christa Wolf: The Making of an Intellectual Woman”